There's Nothing Like Australia — When Tourism Australia first contacted me to start...

When Tourism Australia first contacted me to start planning the trip, they were used to dealing with reporters in the traditional sense, people who were there to report on a specific event or story. It didn’t take long for them to get on board, and break the mold of past experiences to allow for this musical discovery mission I would be on.

This clip is a prime example of what must happen when dealing in the mystical world of artists. Australia was to be my muse and I, like an artist, had to allow myself to be guided by the moments that happen in between ”plans”.

I was with “Mista” Jake Savona, recording emcee Mantra in a loft-style overdub studio in Brunswick. We were steppin out to go eat and this girl was in the stairwell working on a tune. Jake and I looked at each other at the bottom of the stairs and both thought the same thing. We walked back up and asked if she wouldn’t mind playing for us what she was working on. Brothers and sisters, meet Kiki Wilmot.

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