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I met up with Ethiopia-born Aussie resident Dereb Desalegn while traveling in Australia. This is a recording of him singing and playing the masenqo - the one string violin common in traditional Ethiopian music. (Thanks to the good folks at Other Tongues for letting us use your space, and for all the great music)

Somebody I was excited to talk with in Australia, I actually met a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. I had Quantic in town from Colombia as my guest DJ at Afro Funké, and I heard that Dereb Desalegn (aka DEREB THE AMBASSADOR) was in town doing some recording. He’s an Ethiopian-born Aussie resident that’s single-handedly resurrecting the otherwise lost sound of 1960’s Ethiopian Soul. Here’s a clip from that night, when Dereb hopped on stage and sang over a couple songs from his brilliant new album.